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Anonymous asked: Any tips for someone going back to school?



i’m gonna give some tips i never see people say

  • make a conscious effort to do as much homework as possible in the first month or so and hand it in to the teachers early so they know you do care about homework and don’t get as angry at you if you miss pieces here and there later on
  • try not to carry too much around because checking you have everything all the time can cause anxiety, bring only the essentials
  • teachers are there to teach you, if you don’t understand something then ask them about it, it might feel awkward or uncomfortable or silly but in the long run it’s going to help you a lot more if you’re honest about not quite getting something, even if you still don’t get it after they explain it twice
  • if you did your homework but the teacher doesn’t ask for it, wait until your classmates have left before you hand it in, saves that awkward moment of everybody groaning because somebody mentioned homework with thirty seconds left of class
  • if you’re packing a lunch, be careful with fruit or juice boxes or anything similar- they can easily get squished over the course of the day and ruin your books
  • go to the bathroom during break, even if you don’t feel like you need it- in my experience sometimes just walking into the bathroom can make me realise i kinda do need to go
  • drink water it is so important to stay hydrated

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